Flat Feet (Pes Planus)

When you have heel pain avoid any activity that can further aggravate the problem. This includes walking for long distances, walking up or down stairs, running, sports etc. If you want to keep fit swimming is the safest activity, until your heel pain has been treated properly. Or you can ride a bike or a stationary exercise bike. Basically, try to be as little on your feet as possible, allowing the plantar fascia to heal itself. If you are suffering from any of the above due to your flat feet, there are numerous ways to tackle your fat feet problems. You can try any of the following flat feet treatments. Achilles Tendonitis means inflammation of the Achilles Tendon. The Achilles Tendon connects the calf muscles to the heel bone and sits just behind the ankle joint. Achilles pain occurs just above the back of the heel and sometimes the Achilles Tendon is thickened and tender to the touch. Achilles Tendonitis should not be left untreated due to the danger that the tendon can become weak and ruptured. Achilles pain is aggravated by activities that repeatedly stress the tendon, causing inflammation. The cause of Achilles Tendonits is over-straining of the Achilles Tendons leading to irritation and inflammation. The most common cause, however, is over-pronation. Sandeep Budhiraja, internal medicines director at private Max Healthcare hospital in Delhi, blamed city authorities for failing to be prepared and said cases would only decline with the onset of winter next month. It's an epidemic that hits the country every year, yet there is never any preparedness by officials. It just keeps getting worse," said Budhiraja, adding that Max had opened its fever wards to accommodate dengue patients. While dengue is painful and debilitating, death is usually rare but patients are vulnerable to other fatal viral infections during or shortly after the time of illness. Birkenstock's became fashionable due to the super models who were wearing and recommending them. The inner sole has a sort of support shape which cushions your foot. This means that Birkenstock's can look a little large as your foot fits inside the foot bed. Once referred to as Dr Scholl, Scholl has been making a good range of summer footwear for years. At one time these sandals were notoriously uncomfortable though. These days they seem to have incorporated comfort and style as well as retaining that "good for your feet" appeal. The plantar fascia supports your foot and every time you take a step it absorbs all your weight. If you put too much pressure on your plantar fascia the fibers may get damaged or even tear. When this happens you will notice inflammation in the area. This is what causes pain and discomfort. One of the major reasons for this problem is the shoes that you are using. Your feet absorb a great deal of stress from the rest of your body. This is why you need shoes that provide you with proper support. Your doctor may also recommend plantar fasciitis insoles. fallen arches from running You should not feel alone if you have flat feet. In fact, it is the deformity most often seen by podiatrists. Pes planus is the official name given to the condition of having flat feet. Flat feet or pes planus is a reference to having lost an arch at the bottom of your foot. Tendonitis. Wear and tear can negatively affect the tendons in the foot, especially the Achilles tendon. When this happens, the Achilles tendon becomes inflamed, and pain behind the heel occurs. The foot heel pain treatment for this condition includes stretching exercises, heel inserts, pain medication, (Advil or Tylenol) or wearing open-backed shoes. Orthotics is designed to correct faulty foot function reducing the amount of ankle role and arch flattening during the gait cycle. In turn this will reduce the amount of internal rotation of the ankles, legs and knees. By correcting over-pronation orthotics re-align the feet and ankle bones to their neutral position, restoring our natural foot function. Therefore, orthotics not only helps alleviateproblems in the feet but also in otherparts of the body such as the knees and lower back. What different types of orthotics are available? Sep 12, 2010 By Shannon Cotton Photo Caption Fallen arches are common in children. Photo Credit Feet Hanging image by Antonio Oquias from Fotolia.com Cantaloupes infected with listeria have sparked the deadliest US foodborne disease outbreak in over a decade and are likely to claim more victims in the weeks ahead, officials said Wednesday. Thirteen people have died and 72 have fallen ill after eating cantaloupe from Jensen Farms, in the first-ever outbreak of the pathogen in whole melons, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said. Four distinct strains of listeria monocytogenes - a bacterium that causes listeriosis and is among the most virulent foodborne pathogens - have been traced to the Colorado-based farm, which issued a recall in mid-September. The first step is to get familiar with your feet. Again, some of this knowledge will come from regular running. But there are a few steps you can take as a newbie to get yourself going in the right direction. The first is to re-measure your feet. Feet do change size, and so you will want to make sure that you are actually the size you think you are. You can do this quite simply by tracing your feet with pen and paper. Be sure to wear the socks you are planning to wear with your athletic shoes. Examine your footprint. You can tell you have flat feet by observing the feet and looking for the presence of an arch. This is most visible below the inside ankle. If you have little to know arch, then your feet are flat. Other indications of flat feet are when you wear your shoes down quickly on the insides causing the to lean toward each other. A person with flat feet will also have pain and swelling amount the ankles and feet. Back pain can also be a symptom of having flat feet. This particular disorder cannot be fully cured but you can surely improve your condition. Some excellent ways are mentioned below.fallen arches images